MBcf has been founded in 1997. Since then, it has invested near one billion dollars 1B/USD of financial transactions and has probably in its asset more files that have been carry through than your banker.

Its profile

  • MBcf, managed by Mr. Marc BLOUIN, units many discipline under and integrated approach allowing him to offer financial projects more interesting and more profitable for the investor.

Financial market

  • The financial market offers a multitude of opportunities and variety of products to its investors holding on the relatively important sums of money: 5M$ CAD, and more.
  • This area of activities being worldwide, allows to have access to financial products that were once reserved to present investors on the European market.

Area of banks` products

  • It is therefore possible, for a common investor, to obtain without an intermediary, banking products issued by the principal European financial institutions, which stability and financial capability are renowned around the world.


  • MBcf is an authorized and qualified intermediary next to similar institutions. It is capable to propose products offering returns, as of now having difficult access to propose products offering returns, as of now having difficult access to since they are reserved to active investors on the European market.


  • In Europe, there are number of products that the North American investor can get his hand on. However, he is confronted with an intermediary which interests are not necessarily compatible with his financial objectives.

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